About Us

I started HMP Web Consulting because I found so many business owners struggling to manage their websites. They were either outdated, poorly built, built on the wrong platform or just plain neglected because there was no one managing the sites. The frustration the business owners felt was palpable. The business owners knew that online commerce could be profitable but they were busy running the brick and mortar store and did not know where to start. Many of the website providers they had worked with were so “techy” it left them feeling overwhelmed and confused.

That's why I spent months researching different e-commerce platforms and found the one that met the needs of the clients I wanted to serve. Shopify is a powerful eCommerce website builder that allows merchants to design, develop, market, and sell any type of goods to consumers around the world. Shopify now hosts more than 377,000 active online stores that generate more than $29 billion in sales.

Along the way, I have increased the online revenue for many of my clients by more than 10X. I have developed a strategic methodology to bring all the pieces of the e-commerce world into one workflow so that it is easy to understand and manage. My clients have found this approach valuable and the results are proven. 

I’d like to be your strategic partner for success. My focus is on getting the real work done, so you realize tangible results. Whether it is building a new site from the ground up for first time shop owners or resolving issues with underperforming sites, I will work to make your site more profitable. Combining hands-on design and technical skills with well-developed sales and marketing tools, I deliver significant improvements to e-commerce sites through the Shopify Platform.